Making Devolution Work for Women

On Friday 27th, CLES attended the first of two events centred around making GM devolution work for women.

The events form part of a wider piece of work, commissioned by the Fawcett Society, looking at women’s involvement in the Greater Manchester and Midlands devolution deals. The project combines gendered analysis of economic data, grassroots collaboration with local women and community organisations, and detailed policy analysis to enable disadvantaged women and girls to effectively make their voices heard about the public services that affect their lives.

The key themes at the event were:

  • Skills and employment;
  • Social care and childcare; and
  • Transport.

CLES are part of the working group for the project, and are collaborating with the core group, made up of Happen, Amity , and the Fawcett Society.

The next event will be in June. Keep up to date here.

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