World Health Organisation Experts Meeting

CLES Associate Director Tom Lloyd Goodwin attended an experts meeting arranged by the World Health Organisation examining the economic and social impacts of health systems on 14th and 15th November.

The meeting was in Venice and included senior representatives from EU member state health ministries. It aimed to provide guidance for the continued work on the economic and social impact of health systems in the WHO Regional Office for Europe and strengthen the evidence of the impact of health systems and their relationship with improving equity and sustainability within national and local development policies.

Tom spoke about the power of procurement and drew upon examples of CLES’s work over the last 10 years in local authorities as well as our work with the Health Foundation.

Tom said:

“The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to consider and advise on the proposed methodology for analysing the economic and social footprint of health systems, and, to make recommendations to the WHO Regional Office for Europe on the future direction of social value in health policy”

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