CLES appoints new Associate Director

The UK’s leading progressive think and do tank, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), has appointed a new Associate Director.

Tom Goodwin joins CLES from The University of Manchester where he led research into health service delivery, including projects for the National Institute for Health Research and Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

With a PhD in political theory and experience across local government, academia, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector, Goodwin brings significant expertise in policy and implementation research to his Associate Director role.

His experience of delivering local economic development and health policy projects focused on addressing poverty, fostering social inclusion and promoting public health, will bring a new area of expertise to CLES’ work championing people and place.

Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of CLES, said:

‘CLES goes from strength to strength as we welcome another member of such high calibre to the team. Tom’s knowledge of health, coupled to his expertise in economic development, and political economy, is both relevant to the prevailing policy agenda and demonstrative of how connections need to be made between social issues, economy and democracy. It is only through the understanding of this broader context that we will build good local economies for everyone.’

Tom Goodwin added:

‘As a passionate advocate of progressive social justice, I’ve looked at CLES many times over the years and thought that it would be a great place to work. Joining this inspiring team of individuals at this point in my career feels like the perfect move. Working for CLES also offers me the chance to bring together the knowledge and skills I’ve developed over the last nine years to help reshape public services and local economies for the benefit of all.’

Established in 1986, CLES is the UK’s leading, independent think and do tank realising progressive economics for people and place. CLES aims to achieve social justice, good local economies and effective public services for everyone, everywhere.

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