Kirklees Council steps up the pace on local wealth building

Kirklees Council and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) are increasing the pace on creating an inclusive economy in Kirklees.

Kirklees Council and progressive economics think and do tank, CLES, have completed the first phase of an ambitious local wealth building project, which was announced in July, this year. The project began with an analysis of how much and where the council spends council taxpayers’ money, and was accompanied by conversations with public and private employers and the voluntary and community sector. This has led to a series of recommendations being produced.

With a focus on social goals, social justice, environmental sustainability and prosperity for all, CLES say that the recommendations offer greater clarity on how the Council can support the growth of local business, community groups, and the voluntary sector across the borough. The accompanying report summary emphasises the need for the Council to work in partnership with other key institutions such as the University, local college and NHS trusts to use their collective power to focus on building local economic resilience and improving well-being by tackling deprivation and inequalities.

The Council will now draw up plans to take forward the ideas in the report with a clear implementation framework.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, believes this preparatory planning with CLES will transform how the council works. He said:

“Sustainable economic growth requires inclusive growth. I am absolutely committed to building an economy in Kirklees that will benefit all our communities. Too many people feel disconnected, too many do not feel the benefit of economic growth. We’re going to change that.”

Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies said:

The initial phase has been a success, and we now continue apace.  Kirklees Council is fully committed to local wealth building and now we seek to advance the approach with other anchors in Kirklees.  CLES are delighted to continue this work.  Kirklees, alongside a growing range of places across the UK, are at the vanguard of building inclusive economies.”

Read the summary report.

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