Advancing local economies for all

6th December 2013.

The global economic implosion in the autumn of 2008, continues to have long lasting social and economic repercussions. Today we are in the midst of the worst recovery from a recession in history and whilst we have some, possibly precarious growth, many local economies struggle.

We now know that even the ‘good times’ were not that good. Whilst consumerism, the financial services, the City and corporate power rose in significance, we also witnessed capacity and power dripping away from our regional cities, local economies, civic institutions and local businesses.

Now, underemployment and in work poverty is growing. The haves and the have nots is a feature of our country and the north south divide has extended itself. Inequality knows no compass points in Britain today. Environmental change is an ongoing and growing threat.

We desperately need to invoke new approaches and ideas. Creating a narrative which goes much deeper into creating a more just and inclusive economy which truly benefits all.