LW101: Harnessing the talents of young people: Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership

3rd August 2010.

Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people has long been considered a ‘good thing’; however the current economic climate makes it now more important than ever.

This Local Work demonstrates how this approach is already being implemented in Hull via the work of the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership (HYEP). HYEP was set up to contribute to Hull’s target of creating 1,200 new businesses over the 15 years to 2016, and to encourage young people to become more enterprising. HYEP has pursued a range of activities with primary and secondary pupils in Hull as well as apprentices and college students, and develops and promotes services such as grant finance, new business space and one-stop shop advice centres to encourage young entrepreneurs. This Local Work begins by outlining the challenge that HYEP hopes to address before moving on to consider the Partnership’s approach and some of its successes.