B38: Local Governance – The Future of LSPs

16th January 2006.

The main objective of LSPs is to set out the vision of an area; and coordinate and drive local services leading to improved outcomes for citizens that go beyond the remit of only one partner. The evaluation of LSPs has found that there are a number of gaps between the principles of LSPs and what is happening in reality. The LSP Consultation sets of proposed changes in the way in which LSPs operate, the strategies they produce and who they are accountable to.

This Bulletin aims to:

  • Summarise the policy documents included in local:vision;
  • Highlight the key findings of the LSP Evaluation.
  • Look in more detail at the consultation paper on the future of LSPs and the issues LSPs are likely to face in meeting two key objectives of the consultation.
  • To conclude and propose a series of questions to be answered in our response to the LSP Consultation.