Our Local Economies: Communities Building Prosperity

11th July 2018.

This manifesto emerged from the Building a New Local Economy in Wales conference which we held in October 2017. The event, which was popular beyond our most optimistic expectations, looked at examples of where different communities in Wales (and beyond) were taking action to strengthen their local economies. We saw examples of great success and heard about barriers that are stopping more people from emulating them. It is also closely linked to emerging thinking on more sustainable local economies around the Foundational Economy and the recent publication Creating an Inclusive Economy for Wales published by the Wales Cooperative Centre. We have much in common with this thinking and cooperate with many others on this work, but our starting point has been to build upon the real existing practice and action of specific communities across Wales and beyond rather than with policy.

Our Local Economies comes from the thinking that was shared at the conference from a wide range of people and projects that were achieving great things in their localities. We want to share their successes and help create the conditions for more people to do similar things in their communities. The ideas and achievements we discuss here have been inspired by a wide range of organisations who helped make this possible, but final responsibility for contents lies with Building Communities Trust and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies.