B35: Regional Economic Strategies

1st September 2005.

In order to meet key statutory purposes, each Regional Development Agency, must in coordination with a series of local partners draw up a Regional Economic Strategy (RES) which sets out key challenges and economic development priorities, for their region, for a period of ten years. In order to assess changing needs and priorities RDAs must review their RES and undertake a period of consultation on related matters, every three years. Central government must then sign off the reviewed strategy. Several regions are currently consulting on their draft RES, with others due to review theirs in 2006 or 2007.

This Bulletin will:

  • Examine the background and context to the development of RESs with an emphasis on regional inequalities;
  • Assess the key challenges with regard to economic development in two regions, namely the North West and Yorkshire and Humber.
  • Analyse the key dimensions of the draft RESs for the North West and the Yorkshire and Humber regions, in order to consider the key challenges facing the RDAs.
  • To consider the purpose of RESs and to ask a series of further questions to contribute to the current consultations on the draft RESs.