Research on the impact of emerging policy on equalities issues

27th May 2011.

The Centre for Local Policy Studies (CLPS) and the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) are currently working on a piece of research exploring the impact of emerging coalition government policy on equalities issues.

Commissioned by the North West Infrastructure Partnership (NWIP) the research is working with equalities focused voluntary and community sector groups in the North West to identify impact directly and upon the communities of interest they support. To start the research process CLPS and CLES have produced a think-piece which describes emerging policy and theorises some of the potential key questions for equalities issues.

The think-piece includes an exploration of the implications of The Localism Bill, Big Society, The Local Growth White Paper, and the latest Welfare and Health reform proposals, and will be tested and discussed through a series of targeted Research Roundtable events over the next few weeks.

Equalities issues think-piece.pdf