B37: Young people today

28th November 2005.

In the last couple of years the Labour Government have sought to develop key policies and interventions around children and young people in an effort to narrow the gap between the most deprived in society and the rest of the population. In recognising the issues such as crime, health, education and inclusion, that Young People face, the Government is looking to develop young people in ways that will eventually develop into a healthy and skilled workforce. Another focus of the Government’s third term is its radical Respect Agenda, which is heavily focused on young people and addressing issues around anti-social behaviour, intergenerational mistrust, and community inclusion.

The purpose of this bulletin is to:

  • To identify the issues affecting children and young people in the United Kingdom today;
  • To look in more detail at the three policy interventions that have emerged since 2003;
  • To assess the role of local authorities and other stakeholders in delivering priorities and sevices for children and young people;
  • To critique the proposals identified in the White Paper from a regeneration perspective and summarise the bulletin.