A bigger piece of the pie: developing the market for a locally-owned economic recovery 

Optional workshop 2 – 4pm

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In this session we will draw on experiences from the UK and US to explore practical strategies for displacing extractive businesses in favour of more locally-rooted and socially valuable organisations. 

Participants will work together with experts on a range of tactics and approaches, from public sector market shaping to co-operative development and union organising, to create a plan of action to reverse a live scenario, relating to sectors where significant public money is spent, but where the wealth created by that spending flows away from the people and places who create it.  

PLEASE NOTE: places on this workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Andrea Glasspell is an Enhanced Service Manager at Wigan Council. She has worked in Adult Social Care and Health since 1995, working for over 15 years in the charitable sector delivering support services for people with disabilities, before moving into local government to support and develop a wide range of care services from a leadership, commissioning and market shaping perspective. Andrea is passionate about consciously codesigning and delivering local care and support services which are anchored in asset based approaches and The Wigan Deal, working proactively with partners to design a landscape where small and medium sized local care providers can develop, grow and thrive in Wigans care market. Andrea and her team developed Wigan’s Ethical Framework as a key commissioning tool to transform local care markets and build community wealth and they are continuing to drive community wealth building through commissioning and the continued reshaping of other significant markets area including Wigan’s supported living and day support markets.

 Frances Jones is an Associate Director at CLES. Before joining CLES, Fran’s work spanned local government, civil society and academia. She has developed and delivered local government policy and collaborated on national projects to generate new approaches to place leadership, equality and socially-just devolution. As Associate Director Fran brings expertise in coproduction, community activism and collaboration to CLES’s work on democratising local economies and reshaping public services.

Neil McInroy is Senior Fellow for the Global Advancement of Community Wealth Building at the US based research and development lab, Democracy Collaborative. He is also a part-time community wealth building adviser to the Scottish government. He was previously the Chief Executive of CLES. He has over 25 years of international experience as an economic and social development thought and practice leader, having pioneered a range of policy and practice work, including community wealth building. At present he is driven by the perfect storm of economic, racial, environmental and democratic challenges. In this, he is focussed on thinking through and applying progressive economics in a range of localities across the US and beyond, including Chicago.

Peter Watson is the Chairman of Cherish UK. Cherish UK are a leading provider of care services in the North West of England. Cherish is a care company that put the needs of its clients at the forefront of every decision the organisation makes. Feeling like there was still more that could be done to help and support our clients and other people within our community, the team at Cherish UK has created The Cherish Life Foundation Community Interest Company (CIC). The Cherish Life Foundation is a not for profit community interest group that raises money to provide their clients with ‘that little bit extra’ that is so often missed from a traditional care package.