Social value frameworks

Progressive procurement is an opportunity to maximise social value delivered by those who supply goods and services to local anchor institutions, as well as directing spend back into the local economy.

At the leading edge of progressive practice, we are starting to see strong intent to drive social value through the procurement process.

Case Study: Manchester City Council Social Value Framework

Since 2008, Manchester City Council had been using its procurement power as a lever to ensure its spend generates as much economic, social and environmental benefit for the city as possible.

Manchester City Council has adopted the social value policy and framework designed by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities procurement hub. The Council recognises that social value considerations need to be considered at all stages of the procurement cycle. To facilitate this, the Council has setup a cross departmental procurement working group tasked with embedding social value throughout the process.

The Council consistently use 20% social value weighting in their tendering process. They also hold regular “meet the buyer” events where they emphasise their priorities around reducing worklessness and raising aspiration. As a result of their approach to social value, through procurement activity the Council has in the last financial year created 1579 new jobs, 562 apprenticeships and 7730 employment opportunities for hard to reach groups, such as access to pre-employment training.