Making a Green New Deal happen


Event delivered by Green New Deal UK Group

The Green New Deal is an exciting plan designed to meet the linked challenges of the climate and ecological crises, driven by an economic system that is driving inequality, and a finance system that serves only an elite few. It will transform the way that we produce and consume energy, travel, the way we produce the food we eat, manage the land and the way we work. It needs huge changes to the way we manage the economy, but it doesn’t need to start there. In the US, New York has brought forward its own Green New Deal and in the UK communities and local authorities have been leading the way with practical plans for the transformation of energy, transport and the economy. This session will explore what we can learn from innovative local initiatives and community groups, what we can do to catalyse Green New Deals around the country and how it might transform the conversation on the doorstep at the next election.

Frances Jones, Associate Director, Centre for Local Economic Strategies 
Caroline Lucas MP (chair)
(invited) Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader, Green Party of England and Wales
(invited) Fernanda Balata, Senior Programme Manager. New Economics Foundation