CLES advances a good local economy across Europe

The CLES Deputy Chief Executive, Matthew Jackson, has been accepted as a validated Lead Expert for the European Union’s URBACT III programme.

URBACT is a transnational programme about cities and people and is designed to promote sustainable urban development through exchange and learning activities involving key stakeholders. The role of Lead Expert is to support and facilitate change across a host of cities on a specific thematic topic. For the URBACT III programme, Matthew has been selected as the Lead Expert for the successful ‘creating a good local economy through procurement network’ (there are 20 other networks). With Preston City Council as the Lead Partner, this network will support up to 12 cities across Europe to amend their procurement practices so that they bring a host of economic, social and environmental benefits. As well as Preston, Matthew will be working in Almelo, The Netherlands; Albacete, Spain; and Lublin and Koszlin, Poland.