CLES continues to advance a good local economy across Europe

The CLES Deputy Chief Executive, Matthew Jackson will continue to undertake work across Europe for the next two years as part of the URBACT III funded Procure network.

The Procure network consists of 11 partner cities and aims to explore how the spending power of municipalities and other anchor institutions through procurement can be more effectively harnessed to bring benefits in local economic, social and environmental terms. Matthew’s role in Phase 2 is to provide advice and support to the network through facilitating discussions across all 11 partners and to also work with them individually. In Phase 1, Matthew produced a Baseline Study which detailed the activities which each of the cities were already undertaking and the types of change they wanted to instigate in Phase 2. More information can be found at the dedicated Procure network webpage: . Matthew will continue to provide updates as the activities progress and the network can be followed on twitter at @Procure_eu.

The partner cities involved with the network are:

  • Preston City Council (UK)
  • Almelo (Netherlands)
  • Koszalin (Poland)
  • Lublin (Poland)
  • CEEI Albacete (Spain)
  • Candelaria (Tenerife)
  • Nagykallo (Hungary)
  • Satu Mare (Romania)
  • Prague 9 (Czech Republic)
  • Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy)
  • Koprivinica (Croatia)