CLES is recruiting for a new Chief Executive

As announced in November 2020, Neil McInroy will be stepping down, as Chief Executive of CLES in July 2021, and will become a strategic advisor to the organisation and a member of its Board of Trustees. As such, we are now looking for the next Chief Executive – an active, progressive leader of both our organisation and our movement.

CLES is the national organisation for local economies – developing progressive economics for people, planet and place. We work by thinking and doing, to achieve social justice and effective public services.

As a think and do tank, our policy work is informed by our practice and we are at the forefront of pioneering work relating to delivering economies for all, deepening democracy, community wealth building, making public services excellent, creating great places and tackling the climate crisis.

We are now looking for a new Chief Executive to steer CLES through the next stage of its development.

We are seeking a self-starter, an activist, a fantastic collaborator and someone with great interpersonal skills who can ensure our influence continues to grow across the UK.   Your political awareness, ability to articulate CLES’s vision and commitment to progressive policy will enable the CLES family of staff  to continue their pioneering work.   You will need an understanding of  how think tanks work and a knowledge of economics, community development and public services but, underpinning everything you do, will be a commitment to ensuring the culture of CLES mirrors our values and mission to make a difference to people, places and the planet.

Applicant information pack.

For further information,  visit Starfish Search or contact Penny Ransley on 07549 233685 or Jo Boardman on 07834 030501 for a discussion in confidence.

Closing date: 4 January 2021