Owning the future

Plenary session: 4.15pm

Drawing together the key lessons from the day, this closing session will refocus our minds on how community wealth building can and should be placed at the heart of the Covid-19 recovery effort. We will reflect on the key lessons from the day and close the Summit energised and revitalised for the continued effort to reset our economy and reform local economic development through community wealth building.


 Neil McInroy, Chief Executive, CLES

Neil oversees the running of CLES and the development of the organisation, including collaborations with other bodies. A leading commentator on economic development and public policy, Neil has featured in Local Government Chronicle’s annual top 50 most influential people in local government. He has been involved in public sector policy and delivery for over 25 years.

Neil has collaborated with a broad range of local, regional and national governments and agencies across UK and in Europe, Asia, US and Australasia. His particular skills are in strategic policy, local economic and social research, analysis and development; research methodologies and facilitation.

Charlie Fisher, Programme Manager, Development Trusts Northern Ireland (DTNI)

Charlie is Programme Manager for Development Trusts NI, a member-led network of over eighty community organisations across NI. DTNI promotes community ownership to effect the sustainability of its members and achieve long-term social, economic and environmental benefits in their respective neighbourhoods.

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