Summit 2020: Programme

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Welcome: Owning the economy

In our opening session we will set the context for the day and for community wealth building in 2020. More than ever before, there is a need to reset our economy and reform local economic development by placing the practice of community wealth building, and the ownership of our local economies, at the centre of our recovery effort. More details and speakers →


Plenary: Community wealth building in policy – reforming the economy in the era of Covid-19

Our morning sessions will focus on the policy context for community wealth building, and our first session will bring together political representatives from Westminster and Holyrood to discuss the role that the movement can play in reforming our economy at this unprecedented juncture. More details and speakers →




Breakout sessions: Strengthening the policy instruments to advance community wealth building

The advancement of community wealth building depends on our ability to recognise the points of flex within five key areas of policy. In these sessions we will hear from the people who have not only identified the mechanisms for change, but are innovating within them.


Lunch: Optional networking


Plenary: Community wealth building in practice – global lessons and futures

Community wealth building has a rich history and a bright future in both the international and domestic contexts. In this plenary session we will hear from two of the pioneers of the movement, from Preston and Cleveland, about their lessons learned, before welcoming our keynote speaker – representing New York City – one of the world’s most pioneering places for community wealth building practice. More details and speakers →




Breakout sessions: Places of progression – case studies of community wealth building practice

Behind the plaudits for the “Preston model” lies a fundamental truth about community wealth building: there is no one way to do it. The power of the approach lies in its flexibility to local context and conditions. In these breakout sessions we will delve into the experience of places – who are at different stages in their community wealth building “journey”, in rural and urban contexts, with different challenges and enablers – to draw out the lessons that can be applied to your place.


Closing remarks: Owning the future

Drawing together the key lessons from the day, this closing session will refocus on how community wealth building can and should be placed at the heart of the Covid-19 recovery effort. More details and speakers →



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